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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School

Junior Governing Body

Our first Junior Governing Body meeting took place on Friday 17th November. There were some great ideas discussed so watch this space!


Junior Governing Body Observations

Junior Governing Body member Lisa Chen is linked with our Early Years Assistant Headteacher Lorraine.  After meeting with Lorraine to discuss Early Years Lisa wanted to see how the Reception children were learning to read. Here is her report......

"What I saw that day was fantastic! They were learning step by step. I liked the idea of learning with Fred the Frog. They are learning very quickly. They even know how to put letters into words! They were separated into Diamonds and Stars and they took turns to make words with the magnetic letters and they did really well. They knew all their sounds, letters and words (3 - 4 letters).  I was astonished how fast they were learning and I am very impressed with them. They have been taught very well and I believe that they will proceed very quickly".        By Lisa,  Lorraine's Junior Link Governor - Junior Governing Body.