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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School


Religious Education

At Alma we teach religious education in accordance with SACRE, the Agreed Syllabus for Enfield.

We aim to promote tolerance and respect for people of all faiths (and those of no faith), cultures and lifestyles through the effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. We also make links to the fundamental British values throughout our curriculum. We invite guest speakers into our school to talk to the children and share their beliefs. Every year group will visit a place of worship to gain an insight into different faiths.

Humanities are covered through a series of topics studied by each year group.



We want children to develop an understanding of people and events from the past. We believe it can give a stronger sense of identity and their place in the world around them if they can make sense of how the past has affected the present. Their learning is enhanced by the varied content of lessons and experiences that are offered. The children may take part in special ‘History Days’ or go on visits.

For example:

  • Year 5 visited the Ragged School Museum to experience ‘Lessons in Victorian Times’.
  • Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum to find out what life was like in World War II.


We want children to develop a knowledge of people and places in order to understand the natural and human forces that shape their lives and others. We want to broaden their world beyond their everyday experiences. We want them to develop a concern about the environment and consider the future. Each child will experience a geographical experience beyond the classroom.