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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School



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As technology and the internet become used more children, Cyberbullying becomes an increasing issue.

Cyberbulling is bullying that happens online, using socal networks, games and mobile phones. A child who is being cyberbullied can feel like there's no escape because it can happen where they are or at anytime.

Cyberbullying can include: sending threatening or abusive text messages; creating and sharing embarrasing images or videos; 'trolling' - the sending of menacing or upsetting messages on social networks; excluding children from online games or friendship groups; setting up hate sites or groups about a child; enouraging self harm; creating fake accounts or stealing online identities to embarrass someone or cause trouble using their name; or sending explicit message (also known as sexting).

Cyberbullying can start out as 'a bit fun between friends' but often escalates to become something  more. Watch the video below from the NSPCC about how to tackle cyberbullying using #stopspeaksupport.