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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School


In Year Admissions

If you would like to apply for a place at Alma Primary School (From Reception to Year 6) you will need to complete an application form at Enfield Admissions Service (see address below).   This form can only be completed by parents / carers who live in the London Borough of Enfield. If you live outside the London Borough of Enfield, you must contact your own local authority to ask for the relevant application form.  When attending Enfield Admission service you should take with you documentation to confirm the child's date of birth and address.

Applying for a Nursery Place

Children normally attend nursery class for a year before starting in reception class.  Nursery classes in Enfield are part time and are open during term time only. Children in nursery classes attend either five mornings or five afternoons a week.  It is important to note that children who attend a nursery class attached to a school are not guaranteed a place in the reception classes of the same school. All parents have to re-apply for admission for the following year. This is to ensure that parents who do not to send their children to nursery will not be disadvantaged when applying for a school place.  Alma Primary is now able to take children from the age of Two.  Please see information below for 'Terrific Twos'. 

When the child was born: When you will need to apply:
1st Sept 2013 - 31st Aug 2014  From 1st Oct 2016
1st Sept 2014- 31st Aug 2015  From 1st Oct 2017
1st Sept 2015- 31st Aug 2016  from 1st Oct 2018

Full information about the School Nursery application process is given in the admission booklet which can be downloaded below.

Applying for a Reception Place

Children in Enfield start Reception during the academic year in which they become five.  

When the child was born: When you will need to apply:
1st Sept 2012 - 31st Aug 2013 From 1st Oct 2016
1st Sept 2013 - 31st Aug 2014 From 1st Oct 2017
1st Sept 2014 - 31st Aug 2015 From 1st Oct 2018

Full information about the School Primary application process is given in the admisssions booklet that can be downloaded below. 

Enfield Schools Admissions Service
London Borough of Enfield
PO Box 56
Civic Centre
Silver Street

Telephone: 0208 379 5501

Nursery - Terrific Twos

Alma Primary School now has provision for 'Terrific Twos'.  To find out if you are eligible for funding text the word 'TERRIFIC' to '81025' and somebody will call you back to discuss your eligibility.   Provision is for 15 hours 5 days a week for a morning or afternoon.  If you are eligible please contact the school and your child will be placed on our waiting list.  Places are offered in line with the school admission policy.

Secondary Transfer - 

If your child is about to start Year 6 you will need to apply for a Secondary School.  You will find information on how to apply on the enfield website.  Please click here for further details.

A list of the Secondary Transfer Open Evening times and dates for October 2016 are available to download below.

  1. Secondary Transfer 2017 and Open Evening details
  2. Children and Education-Information-Primary school booklet-2017
  3. Admissions-information-Enfield-nursery-booklet