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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School

Year Six Science Cafe


During our cafe we made periscopes and learnt how they worked and how to use them. Making them was challenging for some of us but it was fun. - Lisa

Periscopes work by light traveling from light sources and bouncing off of an object. The light then travels into the periscope where it reflects off the mirror and into our eye. The light that bounces off an object and into the periscope is called the incident ray and when it is refleted from the mirror it is called the reflected ray. - Rida

Here is a diagram I drew to show how a periscope works - Lisa

Here are some pictures from our cafe:

During the Cafe, my parents and I made periscopes and we also had cookies and juice. It was fun. Once I'd finished making my periscope everyone came to my Mum to help as we were the first to finish making ours. - David

Here are some comments from our parents about the cafe: