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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School

Jack and the Beanstalk story café

Once upon a time, a boy called Jack lived in an old cottage with his mummy. They were very poor, so his mummy asked him to sell their cow. On his way to the market, Jack met a strange little man. He offered Jack 5 magic beans for his cow. Jack took the beans home to show his mummy. She was furious! She threw the beans out of the window. The next morning Jack woke up and saw a huge beanstalk outside!

Jack knocked on the door and a giantess answered. He told her he was very hungry and she offered him a giant jam sandwich. Suddenly... FEE FI FO FUM!

Jack hid under a teacup. When the giant's back was turned he made a run for it! On his way out, he spotted the giant's golden and harp. He took them! Jack started climbing down the beanstalk but the giant was right behind him!

"Mum, get the axe!"

Jack's mummy chopped down the beanstalk and that was the end of the giant. Jack and his mummy lived happily ever after.

The end.

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