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Alma Primary School

Alma Primary School

Gunpowder Mills Trip

Year 5 were left in shock as they found out what it was really like to live as a Victoria child when they visited the Royal Gunpowder Mills.  Who knew that living in Victorian times could be so difficult.

Gone were the TVs, computers, phones and even electricity!  Instead, they were kept busy by completing everyday chores that a Victorian child would have had to do.  Scrubbing clothes (by hand), making matches in the workhouse, preparing food and cleaning shoes. School was hard, only using slate and chalk to do their work on and techers who were very strick and were more than happy to use the cane on disobedient children.  And no-one wanted to be the class 'dunce'!

They were relieved to finally travel forward in time to an era of TV and Play Stations and not so strict teachers (not so sure about that one!).